About me

I’m a data analyst from Ankara, Türkiye. Currently, I am working as a Teaching Assistant within the scope of Data Analyst Bootcamp organized by Miuul and Veri Bilimi Okulu. I have spent the majority of my career as a digital marketing and social media analyst. I wanted to pursue my career in data science and joined Miuul Data Analyst Bootcamp in February 2023. In the next semester of the program I graduated from in June, I was selected as Teaching Assistant and started to share my achievements with new participants.

I'm a semi-professional photographer, I love to read and study history. I'm also one of the founders of the cinema blog, Fikirsinema, and I love watching movies, scribbling on cinema and chatting.

What i'm doing

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    Data Driven Strategy

    I contribute to data-driven decision-making and strategizing processes for sustainability and growth-oriented development.

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    Streamlit Apps

    I can develop streamlit projects in line with the need for data analysis projects.

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    Excel Analytics

    I can carry out analytical processes with Excel. I can perform analyses with big data using pivot tables and functions, and I can visualize and storytell what I get.

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    I love taking nature, portrait and city photographs. For a while, I also professionally shot weddings, meetings, organizations and models.



  1. Teaching Assistant | MIUUL

    July 2023 — Present

    In the new term of Data Analytic Bootcamp, I share my experiences with about 40 participants. I help them overcome the barriers they may encounter during the training process. I ensure that the training process is more productive both at the point of motivation and by providing question-answers and private lessons through the channels we constantly communicate to overcome the issues they are stuck on.

  2. Social Media Analyst | ISOBAR

    February 2021 — August 2021

    I worked at ISOBAR, an advertising agency under the umbrella of DENTSU Global, where I was responsible for all reporting and analysis processes.

  3. Digital Account Manager | Lengerli Legal Consultancy

    July 2020 — Present

    I provide support for the communication of Lengerli Legal Consultancy, on their Linkedln platform. My responsibilities include content creation, advertising and digital communication in the recruitment process.

  4. Social Media Analyst & Community Manager | Adflex Medya

    August 2019 — August 2020

    I closely monitored the entire reporting process of the brands for which I managed social media communication. I was responsible for content creation for the brands, fulfilling real-time content requests, planning social media communication conducted in the field during events organized by the brands. In general, I ensured the smooth execution of reporting and analysis processes for all the brands.

  5. Co-Founder | FikriSinema (www.fikrisinema.com)

    June 2014 — Present

    Our cinema blog, focuses on news, festival coverage and observations of film-related events, with a primary aim of featuring cinema criticism. What began as a two-person endeavor has now grown to include over 30 writers who contribute to the site.

  6. Social Media Analyst | Sesli Harfler Advertasing Agency - Linked by ISOBAR

    August 2017 — April 2018

    I consolidated the reporting and analysis efforts conducted with brands, guiding our analyses to provide insights for the content and strategy teams directly involved in communication with them. By considering the strengths and weaknesses, we facilitated idea generation and decision-making for the teams to develop strategies.

  7. Digital Community Manager & Social Media Analyst | UNC Digital/ UNC Creative Studio

    August 2015 — July 2017

    I managed the moderation processes for brands. My responsibilities included defining moderation road maps, determining the appropriate tone of voice for moderation, and reporting on the insights gained from moderation processes through sentiment analysis or product-focused analysis.

  8. Campus Brand Manager - Selçuk Uni. | Youth Republic

    October 2007 — September 2009

    Within the scope of Youth Marketing, we organized various events such as product presentations, roadshows, festivals, and concert events specifically targeted towards university students, aiming to reach out to the youth. We also conducted online promotional campaigns and operations to engage with the target audience.


  1. MIUUL | Data Scientist Bootcamp

    September 2023 — February 2024

    Starting in October, I will be participating in the Data Scientist Bootcamp organized by Miuul & Veri Bilimi Okulu.

  2. MIUUL | Data Analytic Bootcamp

    February 2023 — June 2023

    I successfully completed comprehensive training that extensively covers topics such as Excel Analysis, Data Analysis and Visualization with Python, Machine Learning, Visualization with Power Bl, MS SQL Querying, Decision Making and Analytical Methods with Statistics, Hypotesis Testing, Clustering, Scale Formats (Likert, Kohort etc.), Prediction and Offer systems, Marketing Engineering(with data pipeline), Customer Journey, CRM Analysis, Basket Analysis, Churn Analysis, RFM (regex and segmentation), A/B Test, HR Analytic, IoT & Industry 4.0 studies. From time to time, we have worked with real company data, provided by data sponsors.

  3. Selçuk University - Faculty of Agriculture | Agriculture Engineering - Agricultural Economics

    2004 — 2012

    During my time at the Faculty of Agriculture, which is essentially an engineering discipline, I took courses from various fields. These included mechanical-related courses such as fluid mechanics and material science, as well as biology-related courses like biochemistry and botany. By choosing Agricultural Economics as my department preference, I graduated as an Agricultural Economist with courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, marketing, and econometrics within the scope of the economics department.
    Throughout my university years, I actively served in the Debate Society for 5 years. I held responsibilities such as board member, IT officer, event organizer, and trainer, and I participated in interuniversity debate tournaments.

My skills

  • English
  • Python
  • MS Office
  • SQL
  • PowerBI
  • HTML
  • Photography & Photoshop


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